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vimb - the vim like browser

Vimb is built against WebKit1 which is today considered to be insecure and outdated. Don’t use it anymore!
The WebKit2 port of vimb is far away from being productive. So please help to get vimb ported to webkit2 soon.

Vimb is a fast and lightweight vim like web browser based on the webkit web browser engine and the GTK toolkit. Vimb is modal like the great vim editor and also easily configurable during runtime. Vimb is mostly keyboard driven and does not detract you from your daily work.

If your are familiar with vim or have some experience with pentadactyl the use of vimb would be a breeze, if not we missed our target.

latest features

New setting ‘default-zoom’
Initial Full-Content Zoom in percent.
Link activation on search result by <CR>
If a search is performed by ? or / the element containing the currently highlighted search match can be clicked by hitting <CR>. This allows to open links containing the search match into the current window.
New setting ‘closed-max-items’
Maximum number of stored last closed browser windows. If closed-max-items is set to 0, closed browser windows will not be stored. By default this is 10.
New option -p, –profile
This allows to create and run vimb with a seperate named config directory, with own history and bookmarks.
New setting ‘hint-follow-last’
If on, vimb automatically follows the last remaining hint on the page (default behaviour). If off hints are fired only if enter is pressed.


There isn’t really much to see for a browser that is controlled via keyboard. But following images may give a impression of they way vimb works.

vimb hinting marks active element like links completion with scrallable completion menu





If you find a misbehaviour or have feature requests use the issue tracker provided by github or via mailing list.