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vimb - the vim like browser

Vimb is a fast and lightweight vim like web browser based on the webkit web browser engine and the GTK toolkit. Vimb is modal like the great vim editor and also easily configurable during runtime. Vimb is mostly keyboard driven and does not distract you from your daily work.

If your are familiar with vim or have some experience with pentadactyl the use of vimb would be a breeze, if not we missed our target.

latest features

Incognito Mode by option -i, --incognito
Websites will not store any data in the client storage.
New setting download-command and download-use-external
These new settings allow to use external tool for downloading URIs instead of the built in downloader.

Vimb 3.4.0 released

New setting prevent-newwindow
Whether to open links, that would normally open in a new window, in the current window. This option does not affect links fired by hinting.
New option --no-maximize
Allow to startup vimb without maximized window.


There isn’t really much to see for a browser that is controlled via keyboard. But following images may give a impression of they way vimb works.

vimb hinting marks active element like links completion with scrallable completion menu






Edit to match your local setup.

Edit src/config.h to match your personal preferences.

The default Makefile will not overwrite your customised config.h with the contents of config.def.h, even if it was updated in the latest git pull. Therefore, you should always compare your customised config.h with config.def.h and make sure you include any changes to the latter in your config.h.

Run the following commands to compile and install Vimb (if necessary, the last one as root). V=1 enables verbose output for those that are interested to see full compiler option lines.

make V=1
make install

If you wish to install with other PREFIX note that this option must be given for both steps the compile step as well as the install step.

make PREFIX="/usr"
make PREFIX="/usr" DESTDIR="/home/user" install

To run vimb without installation for testing it out use the ‘runsandbox’ make target.

make runsandbox


If you find a misbehaviour or have feature requests use the issue tracker provided by github or via mailing list (list archive).