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Does vimb provide formfiller?

No, vimb has no built in formfiller. But it’s possible to put this into by using the built in features like evaluation of JavaScript code and the control socket. There is also an example script that can be used to write a own formfiller.

Editor opens without the contents of textarea

There are two known cases of the editor-command setting that do not work.

  1. If gvim or vim -g is used without the -f option. So to use gvim as editor you should use

    :set editor-command=gvim -f %s
  2. If an editor ist started in urxvtc terminal as client for the urxvtd daemon. This does not work. So if you intend to use vim or another cli editor together with urxvt make sure you use urxvt and not urxvtc even if you still have the daemon running.

    :set editor-command=urxvt -e vim %s

How can I have tabs?

Vimb does not support tabs. Every new page is opened in a new browser instance with own settings which makes things easier and secure. But vimb can be plugged into another xembed aware window that allows tabbing like tabbed.

tabbed -c vimb -e

To manage the tabs from within the vim like browser, you can use xdotool to run keyevents on tabbed and call the xdotool from within vimb.

Following keybindings simulate a little bit the vim behaviour.

nnoremap gt :sh! xdotool key --window $VIMB_XID ctrl+shift+l<CR><Esc>
nnoremap gT :sh! xdotool key --window $VIMB_XID ctrl+shift+h<CR><Esc>
nnoremap 1gt :sh! xdotool key --window $VIMB_XID ctrl+1<CR><Esc>
nnoremap 9gt :sh! xdotool key --window $VIMB_XID ctrl+9<CR><Esc>

User-Scripts does not seem to have any effect

The precedence of the user style is lower than that of the website so you have to mark your style definition to have higher priority.

a:link {color: #0f0 !important;}

How to change the colors of the hints?

Vimb hints can be styled by the user style-sheet ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vimb/style.css)

This is the default style that is applied to the hints. The _hintLabel class applies to the label with the hint numbers, the _hintElem class to the hinted element (the link, input field or image) and the _hintFocus class is added to the current focused element as well as the label. Following default style is applied to the hints. To change already defined style it might be required to use the !importen flag on your style definition to take effect (see User-Scripts).

._hintLabel {
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 100000;
    font:bold .8em monospace;
    color: #000;
    background-color: #fff;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0px 1px;
    border: 1px solid #444;
    opacity: 0.7
._hintElem {
    background-color: #ff0 !important;
    color: #000 !important
    background-color: #8f0 !important
    z-index: 100001;
    opacity: 1